Do you believe in miracles? Every miracle story on this site is true and recounts the personal experiences of many people like yourself. Dattatreya Siva Baba taught us how to believe in and experience the miraculous. Our hereto untold stories of magical happenings and miracles are now here to share and to inspire you.

These are true testimonies of miracles of health, pets, money, relationship, family, weight loss, spiritual communion. We invite you to read our stories and create room in your life for miracles of your own.

"From hereafter, it is a time of Miracles." -- Dattatreya Siva Baba

The Mantra Sada Shivom Attracted an Unbelievable Job, by priya luxmi mahadew, London The UK

Financial Miracles
Datta, I would like to thank you and Sada Shivom for helping me attract the right job. baba my previous manager emailed me with a job offer in Australia. Babaji, i dont know how to thank for sharing these truth. Mantras they do work, and it has changed my way of thinking, make me some
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My testimonial of Dr Pillai’s grace and teachings, by Sunny Dasgupta, Chennai

Encounters with Dattatreya
Hi Everyone Today I just want to share my testimony about Baba’s grace and How compassionate God is. I would like to mention a few miracles. 1. After Baba gave me darshan, a channel has opened between my heart chakra and the one below, they seem to be in communication and an elixir flows through
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