Do you believe in miracles? Every miracle story on this site is true and recounts the personal experiences of many people like yourself. Dattatreya Siva Baba taught us how to believe in and experience the miraculous. Our hereto untold stories of magical happenings and miracles are now here to share and to inspire you.

These are true testimonies of miracles of health, pets, money, relationship, family, weight loss, spiritual communion. We invite you to read our stories and create room in your life for miracles of your own.

"From hereafter, it is a time of Miracles." -- Dattatreya Siva Baba

Thank you Baba, by Grateful , Bangalore

Mantra Miracles, Personal Growth
Baba revealed his presence to me about seven weeks ago,when I had hit absolute rock bottom professionally.I started chanting Om shiv baba n shreem brzee, and reading babas teachings. I also started Thiru neel kantham and Ara Kara . And slowly things just turned around. At first i just got better work opportunities, and thought
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Back to back miracles, by Enshrined , Calabasas

Financial Miracles
Dr. Pillai is a conduit of divinity sent here tok remind us of our own divinity. Having the ability to operate multidimensionally without barriers of time or space he passes his blessings to those willing to listen with an open heart. When I first began watching Babaji’s videos I was very skeptical, my limited intellect
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Transformation of a Student of Dr. Pillai, by Shahriyar, West hills

Encounters with Dattatreya, Financial Miracles
‘penniless’ is what I was before I met dr. Pillai formerly known as dattatrrya siva baba. After a few years of watching his videos and struggling with the limited mind I finally saw him in person at his very home in San Diego during a effortless creation seminar he was holding. He made it known
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Baba foretells suicide, by Electra, So California

Mystical & Spiritual Experiences
Namaste A few years ago I went to see Baba at the San Diego center. It was a small group of 50. I was very excited and happy. When Baba began his talk he was very serious and somber. He spoke about a woman who wore a diamond necklace and a young man who commited
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