Do you believe in miracles? Every miracle story on this site is true and recounts the personal experiences of many people like yourself. Dattatreya Siva Baba taught us how to believe in and experience the miraculous. Our hereto untold stories of magical happenings and miracles are now here to share and to inspire you.

These are true testimonies of miracles of health, pets, money, relationship, family, weight loss, spiritual communion. We invite you to read our stories and create room in your life for miracles of your own.

"From hereafter, it is a time of Miracles." -- Dattatreya Siva Baba

Miracle Home for Elderly Parents, by A.M., Grand Rapids MI

Encounters with Dattatreya, Financial Miracles, Mantra Miracles, Miracles from Heavenly Beings, Miracles of Service
I was becoming increasingly concerned for my elderly parents. They had a small budget to buy a house. After months of searching, the options were so thin and bleak, everyone was worried. My mother has a lot of faith in Baba, she requested His help through me. I offered a ghee lamp to his statue
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Miracles of mantra, by Kalpesh Mehta, AHMEDABAD

Encounters with Dattatreya, Financial Miracles, Mantra Miracles, Miracle Remedies, Miracles from Heavenly Beings
I just want to share some miracles in my life. I have been using Several of Dr PillaiĀ“s mantras and everyone works, but Moola Mantra is the one I like the most. Moola Mantra has impoved all my relationships, I feel a lot of love with the people whom I interact with. People always want
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Student, by Hayagreeva Statue Suprise, Va USA

Mantra Miracles, Miracle Remedies, Miracles from Heavenly Beings
Basically this story is about how the Hayagreeva statue from Pillai Center I had been waiting for came at just the right moment to invoke a moment of god realization and strengthening of faith. So the day happens to be the last day of Muruga’s 6 days, so it was already a very auspicious time.
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