Do you believe in miracles? Every miracle story on this site is true and recounts the personal experiences of many people like yourself. Dattatreya Siva Baba taught us how to believe in and experience the miraculous. Our hereto untold stories of magical happenings and miracles are now here to share and to inspire you.

These are true testimonies of miracles of health, pets, money, relationship, family, weight loss, spiritual communion. We invite you to read our stories and create room in your life for miracles of your own.

"From hereafter, it is a time of Miracles." -- Dattatreya Siva Baba

A visit from Baba, by a visit from Baba, canada

I was listening to the miracle mantra around 3 am in the morning,I would repeatly listen with my headphone,and my eyes close …suddenly Baba face appeared very plain,I was a bit scared and completely blow away,complete disbelieve,I sat up for 15 minutes with my heard pounding,then I started to say Thank you Baba over and
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