Do you believe in miracles? Every miracle story on this site is true and recounts the personal experiences of many people like yourself. Dattatreya Siva Baba taught us how to believe in and experience the miraculous. Our hereto untold stories of magical happenings and miracles are now here to share and to inspire you.

These are true testimonies of miracles of health, pets, money, relationship, family, weight loss, spiritual communion. We invite you to read our stories and create room in your life for miracles of your own.

"From hereafter, it is a time of Miracles." -- Dattatreya Siva Baba

Miracle Car, by Christopher Frank, Madison, WI

Financial Miracles, Mantra Miracles, Miracles from Heavenly Beings
A prominent name for Ganesha in the Tamil language is Pillai (Tamil: பிள்ளை) After more than 18 months of unemployment I received an offer to teach 4th, 5th and 6th grade students identified with severe developmental delays for the Los Angeles County Office of Education in their Division of Special Education. I received the offer

healing with ara kara, by divineboy yash, bangladesh

Healing Illness, Mantra Miracles, Miracles from Heavenly Beings
its my personal experience that i am going to share now…..behind it having motivation….few days ago my father became sick and he was crying all day long that was hurting me inside…..i became very hopeless and helpless….i worked hard for my father but no recovery seen in his health…..his spondylosis pain became worse and his
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Miracle Home for Elderly Parents, by A.M., Grand Rapids MI

Encounters with Dattatreya, Financial Miracles, Mantra Miracles, Miracles from Heavenly Beings, Miracles of Service
I was becoming increasingly concerned for my elderly parents. They had a small budget to buy a house. After months of searching, the options were so thin and bleak, everyone was worried. My mother has a lot of faith in Baba, she requested His help through me. I offered a ghee lamp to his statue
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Miracles of mantra, by Kalpesh Mehta, AHMEDABAD

Encounters with Dattatreya, Financial Miracles, Mantra Miracles, Miracle Remedies, Miracles from Heavenly Beings
I just want to share some miracles in my life. I have been using Several of Dr Pillai´s mantras and everyone works, but Moola Mantra is the one I like the most. Moola Mantra has impoved all my relationships, I feel a lot of love with the people whom I interact with. People always want
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Student, by Hayagreeva Statue Suprise, Va USA

Mantra Miracles, Miracle Remedies, Miracles from Heavenly Beings
Basically this story is about how the Hayagreeva statue from Pillai Center I had been waiting for came at just the right moment to invoke a moment of god realization and strengthening of faith. So the day happens to be the last day of Muruga’s 6 days, so it was already a very auspicious time.
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Ganesha’s Birthday Gift, by Electra, Southern California

Mantra Miracles, Miracles from Heavenly Beings
I have been reading about Ganesha’s Birthday on Astroved over the past several weeks. One account stated that Ganesha’s presence was already being felt by those devoted to him. I stopped at the bank a few days ago. As I pulled into the parking lot I headed toward one spot that was shady (quite a
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A Different Form of Feeding the Hungry, by King, Massachusetts USA

Miracles from Heavenly Beings, Personal Growth
One night this past winter a bad snowstorm hit the city where I live for several hours. I work the overnight shift and during my shift I kept getting the internal message to ‘feed the birds’. I took this to mean I should get a bird feeder, bird seed, etc. but when I had these
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Ganesha Saved My Son, by AD, New York

Mantra Miracles, Miracles from Heavenly Beings, Relationship Miracles
At he beginning of December 2012, Astroved offered remedies for the Nodes (Rahu Ketu) transits. My intuition immediately told me that one of my children needed the Ganesha fire ritual and 27 coconuts to be smashed on the same day of the homa (these were remedies for Ketu and for removing obstacles through Ganesha’s blessings).
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Director, by Sekhmet, San Diego

Encounters with Dattatreya, Miracles from Heavenly Beings, Mystical & Spiritual Experiences
On Dec. 21st at 2:00am I was getting into bed after a long day working. This was the last day of the Mayan Calendar although I was not thinking at all about the Mayan calendar ending as I was climbing into bed. I laid in bed trying to fall asleep and I felt someone press
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Highest Wonder of the World, by Shah, Krems

Encounters with Dattatreya, Mantra Miracles, Miracles from Heavenly Beings, Mystical & Spiritual Experiences
My husband and I went to Girnar for mata darshan. Further climbing the mountain we came to a peak with a temple on it – from a distance it looked like something out of “Alice in Wonderland” type of place. We climbed up the peak to find this age old little temple which we were
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