Karuppasamy Miracle, by Meena, Goa, India

Encounters with Dattatreya

There has been a death energy stalking me for the past three months. It has been obvious to me energetically and the omens have also showed the same. One of the omens is to the south (considered direction of loss/death) of my bed about 10 feet away and facing me, have been 4 owls (indicators that death energy is around.
In these months I have sufferd from fevers and illnesses, injuries and confidence in my abilities has been extremely challenged. Many times I felt my life was on a delicate balance between this and the other world. I could go into more detail, but you get the picture. Last night a newsletter from Astroved arrived, it was describing Karuppa Swamy — I was fascinated by his picture and description of this God for the Golden Age. At that very moment there was a shattering of glass — I went to look around and found a glass on a table had fallen and shattered. Everything was still and nothing on the table was moved — as if the glass leaped off the table on its own. Glass breaking is the ending of karma. As I was looking at the broken glass and trying to understand how it could possibly happen, my inner voice clearly stated “the demon is dead”. It was like a bubble popped and all of the energy around me cleared up. I felt the new energy instantly. The owls have left. I am so grateful to Baba for bringing this powerful protector to us!

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