Kleem,Kleem,Kleem!!!, by Sunny, Delhi,India

Financial Miracles, Nadi Reading, Personal Growth

I started using the mantra “Kleem” this year around the end of January.
This mantra always works for me. Not that I use it daily but when I do start using it,I have found it to produce results within 2-3 days.

Here is a list of some of the miracles it has brought for me:
1. I always wanted to get my first nadi reading done,but Since my age(now 18) did not allow me to get a credit card here in India I could not order the service online (I did not even have the money), neither did I have the opportunity to travel to Chennai to get it done. Surprisingly Astroved came to Delhi and I was able to get my Nadi reading done. Also please note that One cannot get a nadi reading done unless the person is 18 years or old, and I had just turned 18. So its quite like the nadi travelled to me.

I always had fears that I would not be able to get BABA’s grace and Enlightenment. But my nadi reading cleared all such fears. Thank you BABA!

2.Although I am very fortunate to be able to feed some hungry people on the streets, I always wanted to directly serve BABA. I came to the Astroved shop and tried to distribute some brouchers about BABA (also his pictures)and Astroved.I became friends with the Astroved staff and was able to correct an old misunderstanding that I had developed with two of them. They have now turned into very good friends of mine.

Particularly We felt a great energy on us- Baba himself pumping us with energy on his birthday.That was fantastic.

3. The mantra also helped me improve my relationship with a few school friends of mine.

4. It has healed my relationship with my mother and that is something I really needed.

5. Although I say to myself and others That my goal in life is to develop a Light body.I must admit that I needed to satisfy my desire for a relationship,this desire had created many unnecessary miseries for me. It was haunting my mind and disturbing my peace. Although I considered this kind of desire a bit shameful but I know that Baba has taught us to ASK for what we want. So to think it as “shameful” would be a negative attitude and Baba teaches positivity. So I had get rid of my own philosophy. Obviously,Relationship with God still remains the highest and Ultimate thing.

Anyway, kleem has recently bestowed me with a great relationship. Peace to my mind.thank you Baba.

6. Now a days I have come to notice that whenever I use the mantra ‘kleem’, within 2-3 days I start attracting material things towards me. They show up within 2 days.
{some of the things that I have attracted are an iphone, this is crazy- more than 8-9 sets of clothes, new footware and many other material things.) Sometimes people go crazy, “Sunny, I want you to have this”. Most unexpected of people,people who i don’t even know properly call up and say- “I want to buying two of these,would you want to have one”.

All these are miracles because I never asked for these things, kleem just attracts them to me. My Aunt just told me 3 hours back, she wants to buy me some clothes. Believe me more are coming. I know it.

7. There are even bigger miracles that have happened in terms of opportunities that I have received to fulfill my spiritual and material goals.

Kleem has created so much love between me and people. I am traveling now within India and people are asking my mother If I can stay with them longer. I am attracting a lot of people and I am also making a lot of new friends. Even very selfish people are opening up to me.That is something great.

I do not have the time now, otherwise I would have liked to discuss in greater detail how kleem has brought me opportunities for fulfilling my spiritual and material desires.

I know Kleem produces results.

thank you BABA.

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