Money Blessings from Baba and Lord Muruga, by Peter Tan, Singapore

Encounters with Dattatreya, Financial Miracles, Miracles from Heavenly Beings

I was very fortunate((I believe many others in Singapore feel the same) to have the holy darshan of Baba when he visited Singapore in October. The first darshan was at the Murugan Hill Temple and the other at the HolyTree Sri Bala Subramaniar Temple, both in Singapore. There was an amazing photo being circulated showing Muruga’s spear that appeared on Baba’s lap after Baba’s darshan at the temple. We were also blessed by Baba’s readings from the Kanthar Anubuthi and with His beautiful voice He chanted ” Murugan, Kumaran, Guhan” and that stuck with my consciousness and I keep chanting this stanza whenever I was aware and they melt my heart when I thought of Baba’s readings of this stanza. After Baba’s darshan at the Murugan Hill Temple, I bought pictures of Lord Sri Muruga and Sri Raja Rajeshwari from the temple shop and place them at my home altar for worshiping and flower, incense offering.

On the night of Baba’s darshan at the Holy Tree Sri Bala Subramaniar Temple, I bowed to Baba when He was giving His Holy Words as I had to leave and travel to my brother’s wedding in Malaysia.

Whilst in Malaysia, I bought 4-digit number lottery ticket and the number opened on Sunday and I was blessed with a small windfall (10 “big” , consolation prize). I followed up with buying the same number again the same number opened again in the next draw and was blessed again with a larger windfall (20 “big” consolation prize). I again followed up with buying the same number and was blessed again with much larger windfall (50 “big” starter prize). All in all I was blessed with Ringit Malaysia currency or RM11,800! My parents , siblings and relatives said this is the first time they witnessed a lottery number being shown up(as prizes) 3 times in a row, consecutively…thanks to one of them for reminding me: “it’s a miracle”!

I believe these are Divine Blessings and Lila from Baba and Lord Muruga would like to express my sincere thanks to Baba and Lord Muruga. As in my home altar I offer incense and flowers to Baba’s photo which says something like “Where there is Datta, there is wealth”, which I think has came to pass …and I believe more such Lilas and Miracles from Baba and Lord Muruga will come into the devotees’ lives as well. I would like to share this beautiful stanza which Baba read from the Kanthar Anubuthi by Saint Arunagirinathar who was a devotee-saint of Lord Muruga, from Tamil Nadu:
murugan kumaran guhan enRu molinTh-
urukum sheyalthanThu uNarv- enR- aruLvaay
poru pungavarum puviyum paravum,
guru pungavaa eN guNa panjaranE.

‘Murugan, Kumaran, Guhan’ – Thus, to utter and melt
And have Divine Experience, when shalt Thou grant?
O Guru Supreme! Who is worshipped by the Devas devout
And the mortals alike! O Abode of Virtues Eight!

With gratitude and love

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