Shaktipat from Dattatreya on YouTube, by Linda Peck, USA

Encounters with Dattatreya, Mystical & Spiritual Experiences

Shaktipat from Guru! I had watched Datta’s videos about The Full Moon of the Guru in June and He said how special a time it was and that His Grace was abundantly available on that Full Moon, especially for people who wanted enlightenment. I paid close attention and the evening of June 30 (Full Moon) I prayed earnestly to Datta to enter my forehead into my brain and soul and see everything there was to see in there and heal and purify me. That was my prayer. Immediately, there was a understanding of being asked permission by God (Datta) to enter my third eye area (forehead area) and I said “Yes!” Immediately, a flaming arrow of intense light entered into my forehead and shot like lightening into the center of my brain!

There is more to the story of this Full Moon night with Datta. I am not able to say about it here right now,

but I want to tell you that I thanked Datta all during that night and had a glow of white light all around my body. I just thanked Him and thanked Him and thanked Him. I was so grateful that He gave me this Shaktipat and started me on my way to a full life in His Presence. I am on my way now and will continue to grow towards Him each day. This is my prayer. Stay with me always, Datta, never leave me. May I always live in a way that will keep You near me.

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