The Ah Meditation and Ara Kara Mantra Bring Me Miracles Every Day, by Julia, USA

Financial Miracles, Personal Growth

Hello, my name is Julia and I have had tons of miracles, thanks to Datta.

Datta has become a very important person in my life since 2003 when I first started listening to the AH meditation on cassettes (yes, that old). As an immigrant, I have had to learn do everything step-by-step, and sometimes,  in my opinion,  it was very slow. But Datta has been with me at every step. I have pictures of Him all around my house. Now my family in Peru is also doing His meditations. We do meditations by phone and they have also experienced miracles of money, health, jobs and good opportunities.

First miracle: I visualized that the interview for my green card (permanent residency visa) would go smoothly and easily. The miracle was that it went exactly the way I had put it in my mind. One month later I got my green card.

Second miracle: I was afraid about taking my driver’s license test. Everybody has told me how badly I drive. They said I would definitely

never get my license. Again I practiced the AH meditation, visualizing that my instructor would be nice and patient and would guide me the right way. Most importantly, I wouldn’t be afraid or nervous, and I would easily understand and follow him. Guest what? I passed at first chance!

Third Miracle: My third and biggest miracle was that my twin sister and her family got their tourist visas to come and visit me last year. We had been praying for this for 5 years. Last year they really took Datta’s teachings seriously. With the AH meditation and Ara Kara they got their visas just as easy as they had visualized; isn’t it amazing?

Fourth Miracle: Working as a realtor was not going well for me, so I decided to get another job. After meditating in San Francisco, and with all my friends praying for me, I got the job I love. Most important, I got a very friendly family that takes care of each other. Miracles really do happen everyday!

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