Very powerful!! OM BRZEE NAMAHA, by Mischa, New Orleans

Financial Miracles, Mystical & Spiritual Experiences

I just yesterday discovered “om brzee Namaha” as I was looking to find something to meditate that would help me relax and keep my faith. I recently left a emotional abusive relationship, I had to run away, it was so unhealthy for me and for my 4 year old, so I left and find myself today without job, family, home, we live out of suitcases but I know all this is happening for very good reason, I know and have faith that all will come together somehow as long as I do not loose faith as I know I am a goodhearted person who wants nothing more then to help others. Well, meditating helps me be closer to a source I feel good with and yesterday as I was going through this mantra of light and the chant, the humming, I felt so good I cried, then as I had to pick up my daughter from school, I was still chanting it…and here it comes…I have car trouble since the hurricane Isaac so since over 10 days now my car is acting up…engine light is on…and I knew I will probably have to go take it in at least to make sure we are safe…well as I was chanting in the car the engine light stayed on (it was blinking before) I pick her up and she laughs at the “om brzee namaha” she repeats it too, we stop at the light and all of the sudden I noticed the engine light is off, the car is running normal!!! It is gone!!The car is fixed…I am temporary staying with elderly people who need help, they help me, I help them and they tell me..Ursula a car does not fix itself? That is strange…but it did did. ..thank you thank you thank you…I will be chanting every day, for all who love life, believe in yourself, believe in the magic of your energy when put out there in the universe with sincerity and love it will come back ten fold. I believe and may all who believe and truthfully seek love be in touch with magic and miracles every day and meet kindred spirits to bless this world with joy for those in pain and looking for comfort and help.

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